September 17, 2008 at 4:22 am (Uncategorized)

UFOS!! AAHHHHHH!!!! I totally watched this Nightline/Dateline kind of show tonight on UFOs, and it was crazy and made me laugh too. Basically, there are a ton of people who have seen weird objects flying around here, and they all have similar sightings – all over the world. They say that supposedly our government knows all about it but won’t reveal information, which sounds kind of humorous and far-fetched to me, but you know, I’m willing to think outside the box here. Then they talked about real Air Force officers spotting crazy huge UFOs while they’re flying around. Now I can believe that a little more. Then they talked about police officers spotting them as well, and they all had the same experiences separately. Crazy! But THEN it started getting a little funny. Now, I don’t wanna eat my words here, but tell me this doesn’t sound silly. They interviewed a couple of people who claimed that they were abducted by aliens – that aliens came in their room, took them to the mothership, THEN, get THIS, proceeded to hook contraptions up to their winkys and hoo-has (that’s private parts in case you couldn’t tell, haha), and extracted reproductive, um, stuff. WHAT THE HECK??? THEN, the woman said that one of the aliens gave her an alien baby, and the woman said, “This is my baby!” and the alien got offended and took the alien baby back and said, “No this is MY baby!” Please. Oh TV World, WHERE did you find this lady?? Oh, and by the way both of these cases happen to have no other witnesses; they both live alone. hmmm, maybe they should get together; a lot of issues might be solved by doing that, lol.Β 

So, I having a little too much time on my hands, decided to look up some things about UFOs myself. I learned that there are over a billion galaxies in the universe, and there are many people who believe that to think that we are the ONLY living beings to inhabit the universe is very egocentric. I personally am a little skeptical, but there are safety in numbers, and there have been a lot of “sightings” over the years. I just wonder why they all tend to “look” the same? Why do they ALL have creepy, simple faces with scary big eyes and are 3 feet tall? I looked up the whole UFO thing from a Christian perspective too, and I got some funny information! I read on some websites that these little beady-eyed creatures are merely angels and/or demons, from another world, who are coming to peep in on what we’re doing via saucer-shaped aircraft. Now, I may be wrong, but it sure doesn’t make much sense to think that angels and/or demons fly into earth on aircrafts. God’s ways are not our ways, but they make a little more sense than that! lol!


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The Green Mile, Politics, and Carefree Dorkiness

August 30, 2008 at 6:06 pm (Uncategorized)

So I watched the Green Mile last night for the first time, and I totally had nightmares. I bawled my eyes out like a little baby. And then I got mad at my boyfriend for “making” me watch it, haha! I cannot imagine being a prison guard, and Michael Clark Duncan playing sweet John Coffey made me wanna hug him and say “thank you.” lol.

I still cannot find a job. 😦 I gotta be honest, I am pretty jaded. For a few reasons, this being the biggest.

But I am happy about politics taking over television. It SO beats the Paris Hiltons and the other fame-sucking mosquitoes that manage to find a way onto my too many of my 10 tv channels. I would much rather hear people argue about how to better this country than on how to trash it up. No matter who you want to become President, this is such a good reminder that we need to be involved in the betterment of our country, and hopefully we’ll meet in the middle somewhere. Goooo democracy! (omg. Did I just say that?)

And in light of this wonderful holiday weekend, and in light of my Saturday “morning” couch-sitting, I am going to write out a list of my favorite shallow things that make me happy. Ok, this list has NOTHING to do with it being a holiday OR couching… but whatev, I couldn’t find a better segue and dadgum it, I wanted to make a list! teeheehee

1. Coke Zero, the best drink for all the piggies of the world (like me)
2. Pillows FINALLY getting propped up just right under my head
3. Big shirts that I inherit (ahem… steal) from others
4. murder mysteries on tv
5. Standin up for myself, even passively, haha.
6. Singing for the sake of singing, playing for the sake of playing, writing only because I want to
7. Sitting at home
8. The feeling AFTER working out.
9. Peanut Butter Bumpers
10. Chanel Chance perfume
11. sparkly things πŸ˜‰
12. trying out hairstyle ideas via Youtube
13. being a free spirited dorkΒ 
14. Mullets
15. The Lake

Have an AWESOME Labor Day. πŸ™‚

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August 27, 2008 at 12:06 am (Uncategorized)

Ohh, what should I be doing…
1. Cleaning the house.
2. Writing an ode to the Frisco melt I tried at Steak and Shake – hallelujah I have found the BEST sandwich on earth!!! Well, actually my boyfriend found it… well STEAK AND SHAKE “found” it if you wanna get all technical, but the bf introduced me to it, and now I am claiming it as my OWN!! bwahhahahha. Oh man, I need a life.
3. Writing a REAL song
4. Getting ready for the November show πŸ™‚ It’s going to be so fun!! And in Macon, GA at an old renovated movie theater!!
5. Getting ready for school
6. Did I mention cleaning the house?
7. Finding a job. AAHH I’LL NEVER BE EMPLOYED.Β 

And let me tell you what I had for dinner tonight. With the pride of my mother and her home economics degree close to my heart, I am proud to say that I ate scrambled eggs and pita chips for dinner. And yes, it was just as disgusting as it sounds.

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Little diamonds are way cuter.

July 30, 2008 at 2:21 am (Uncategorized)

So, is it just me, or are wedding rings getting larger, houses getting bigger, clothes getting more expensive, etc.? Is it really necessary? In my life placement right now, it seems every woman I come in contact with has a HUGE diamond on her left hand (not just big, I’m talkin HUGE), another one on her right, and a sundress that costs more than any DIAMOND I would ever purchase. I understand that success is a positive thing, but while we’re buying a 3 million dollar mansion with a tennis court we’ll never really use, there is a family who can’t even buy themselves a coke. So, how about instead of the 3 million dollar, unnecessary monstrosity, we buy, say, a $500,000 mansion complete with a waterfall, color-changing pool, and take the other 2 million dollars and use it for a cause that helps our fellow man. I understand love for beauty and things that make us feel beautiful and comfortable, but even the size of what is considered a “large house” is SO much larger than say, 30 years ago. And I have a question… Hollywood, as “green” as you are, I bet a 30,000 square foot house has a pretty large energy bill! Sheesh. All this materialism makes me wanna tell my boyfriend to just drop the whole ring tradition… well, maybe just a little diamond. πŸ˜‰

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